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The Hart Siblings: Season Two

S2:E1 | Lost

After getting lost in the woods, Katie calls Daniel in hopes that he can help her get home.

S2:E2 | Workout

Daniel discovers Katie struggling to do pushups, leading to a heated debate on which sibling is stronger.

S2:E3 | Bored

Katie is bored and looks to Daniel for entertainment.

S2:E4 | Band

Daniel and Katie are about to play a music video game, but Katie's getting a little too into it.

S2:E5 | Sleepover

Katie and Daniel are sleeping in the same room, but her constant interruptions are keeping him awake.

S2:E6 | Video game

Daniel is trying to play his video game in peace, but Katie is offering some unwelcome advice.

S2:E7 | Power

When the power goes out, Katie and Daniel must figure out how to get it back on.

S2:E8 | Steps

Katie looses her phone, and Daniel suggests she retrace her steps to find it.


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