S1:E1 | Ice Cream

Katie discovers her brother Daniel eating a bowl of ice cream for  breakfast, leading to a debate on which of them is more "grown-up".

S1:E2 | Light bulb

The seemingly simple task of replacing a burnt-out light bulb proves to be a big challenge for the siblings.

S1:E3 | Useless

Daniel's earbuds prevent him from hearing Katie screaming, leading her to wonder how helpful he'd be in an emergency.

S1:E4 | Toys

Daniel's patience is tested when Katie refuses to clean up her toys.

S1:E5 | Cat

Katie introduces Daniel to the stray cat she found wandering in their backyard.

S1:E6 | Milk

After discovering they're out of milk, Katie and Daniel discuss their shared hatred of grocery shopping.

S1:E7 | Asleep

An argument arises after Katie thinks that Daniel is asleep and she changes the TV channel.

S1:E8 | Bird

A bird flies into Katie's bedroom and she enlists Daniel's help in getting it out.

S1:E9 | Chair

Katie is overexcited after buying a new chair, but Daniel is less enthusiastic.

S1:E10 | Laundry

Katie tries to trick Daniel into doing her laundry.

S1:E11 | Brick

Katie and Daniel are assembling a set of toy bricks, but discover that one of the pieces is missing.

S1:E12 | Locked out

Katie and Daniel get locked out of the house and have to find another way in.

S1:E13 | Twins

Daniel begins to wonder if he and Katie spend too much time together.


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