Xavious Pictures ('eksāvēəs 'pikCHərz) was founded in 2004 by brother and sister Daniel and Katie Hart (aka The Hart Siblings). Since then, we've written and produced more than a hundred original short films and created web series such as The Tales of Charlotte Wilson, P.I.​ and The Hart Siblings.

We first used the name "Xavious Pictures" in November 2004. While we don’t remember its exact origin or our reason for choosing it, it seemed to stick and since then every film and series we’ve produced has been released under it. Thus, the name now holds great significance to us since it represents our humble origins, our greatest professional achievements, and the commonality that links these together. While the quantity and quality of our work has increased greatly over the last fourteen years, we've stayed true to our origins both in name and in spirit. To us, "Xavious Pictures" represents our history and future commitment to making lighthearted, kid-friendly content for the sole sake of humor and entertainment.