S1:E1 | Pilot

Daniel and Katie spend the day running errands, but have trouble finding one of their destinations.

S1:E2 | Shuttle Bus Horror Story

Katie tells the story of her unpleasant experience riding the shuttle bus to school.

S1:E3 | Froyo vs. Frogurt

Blinding sunshine and technical difficulties make for an interesting commute. Plus, Daniel and Katie debate the best way to shorten the term "frozen yogurt".

S1:E4 | Daniel's Door Essay

Daniel struggles to read his professor's handwriting, and Katie shares the story of her second shuttle bus experience.

S1:E5 | Lost in the Neighborhood

Road construction forces Daniel and Katie to take an alternate route home, which results in them getting lost.

S1:E6 | When are Children Present?

Daniel and Katie argue over the purpose of road signs that read "when children are present".

S1:E7 | This Episode Contains Spoilers

Daniel and Katie discuss the topic of spoilers from movies and TV shows.

S1:E8 | Paranormal Zombies and Copacetic Anonymity

Katie tells Daniel about a dream she had of the zombie apocalypse, which leads them to debate the definition of the word "paranormal".

S1:E9 | Enemy Ducks and Unattractive Lifejackets

While on vacation, Katie and Daniel ditch their car for a paddle boat on a lake.

S1:E10 | Don't Step on Lily Pads

Katie and Daniel continue to explore the lake on their paddle boat.

S1:E11 | Unfair Google Race

Daniel and Katie have to leave before the sunrise, forcing them to drive in the dark.

S1:E12 | My Phone Bupped

Daniel is concerned they won't make it to school on time because of Katie.

S1:E13 | Season Finale

In the season finale, Daniel and Katie drive in Daniel's car for the first time in the series, and reminisce about the show's first season.